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The Seattle Arab Festival (SAF), located in Washington State, is a new non-profit organization established in 2018.  SAF succeeds the Arab Center of Washington, which was the founder and official sponsor of the Arab Festival, a biennial event held at Seattle Center since 1999.

Our Mission

  • To showcase the diversity, talent and accomplishments of Arab and Arab Americans
  • To strengthen the ties among the Arab people and with other communities
  • To increase local awareness of Arabs and Arab Americans as neighbors, professionals and leaders

Previous Arab Festivals included a variety of art exhibits, individual country booths, children’s activities, dance and music performances by local and national groups, lectures, movies, and samplings of many kinds of Arab food and drink.

We greatly appreciate the support of the Seattle Center, which over the years has hosted our event for two days on their grounds.

The Seattle Arab Festival invites you and your organization or business to join us again in producing this regional gala event and continuing the traditions of Arab Festival in the year of 2019.  Be there


Role                                                       Name

Festival Coordinator/Producer             Raja Atallah

Secretary                                              Katya Allaw

Treasure                                               Raja Atallah/Katya Allaw

Auditor                                                 Mazen Mahmoud

Festival Poster                                     Mamoun Sakkal

Publication Editor                                Barbara Boden

Seattle Center                                       Steve Sneed, Vivian Huang, Jennifer Basiliko

Festival Fiscal Organization            Salam Cultural Museum – Rita Zawaideh


Food & Drinks                                    Ali Ossairan, Mazen Mahmoud, Elias Matta, Shaher Abulkhair                                                .                                                           Edwar Mazzawi, Zaid Atieh, Khal Beleh, Anwar Dihan, Arwa Othman, Jirius Issac

Children Activities                                  Laila Taji, Farah Abdallah

Festival Layout                                       Raja Atallah/Jennifer Basiliko

Tales of Arabs From Pacific NW          Afifi Durr 

Souk (Arabic Market)                           Rita Zawaideh, Hanna Eady, Rania Quasmeh, Kay Tarapolsi

Poetry & Book Reading                        Jamal Gabobe

Fundraising                                            Beth Mahmoud, Raja Atallah, Huda Giddens, Ali Ossairan                                                        

Grants                                                     Laura Ishak

Hookah Lounge                                      Saied Amoura                                                            

Festival Sales                                          Mazen Mahmoud, Rami Atallah, Mazen Hadi

Performances                                          Beth Mahmoud, George Sadak, Asseel Atta, Rana Kassem

Stage Managers                                       Beth Mahmoud, Gus Mansour, Josh Hollister, Hanady Kader

PR & Social Media                                 Oussama Alkhalili, Alex Hamdan

Marketing & Publication                        Oussama Alkhallili, Rana Kassem     

Volunteers                                                Basma Ghoneim, Beth Mahmoud

Vendors & Country Booths                     Rita Zawaideh, Huda Giddens

Libyan Diwan                                          Gamal Khalil, Saleh Eldali, Sohib Dali

Palestine Booth                                        Huda Giddens

Lebanon  Booth                                        Oussama Alkhalili

Iraq Booth                                                Yahya Algarib



ACTIVITY                                                     NAMES

Children Corner                                         Mona Atallah

Fashion Show                                             Oraib Khalifeh, Aneesa Mahmoud, Mona Atallah Hanady Kader, Yara Maarouf

Food & Drink Booths                                 Saida Oweis, Ayoub Oweis, Yazan Kader, Salam Abdallah, Basel Atieh

Information Booth