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Meeting Notes

Seattle Arab Festival-                                                                www.Seattlearabfestival.com

                                                                                       02/17/2019 4PM


  • Seattle Arab Festival Extended Board meeting #2. Meeting started at 4:36 pm by Raja and adjourned at 6:00 pm.
  • Present extended board members approved Seattle Center Business Contract for the festival, and Contract signed and completed by Raja. A copy of the contract is kept with the secretary for reference.

Meeting – location – Seattle Center Armory Loft – Room 301

Meeting – attendees – Jamal, Zeid, Abdul Ghani, Fatimah, Raja, Rana, Hakeem, Ziad, Nabra, Laila, Alex

Meeting – agenda

The following list of items were discussed in the meeting:

  • Administration
  • Festival committee reports:

o   Board

o   Finance

o   Performances

o   Exhibits

  • Other items – Open forum

Agenda Item 1 – Administration

  • Seattle Center Contract was reviewed, approved by the attendees, and signed by Raja.
  • Copy of the contract is kept with the Secretary for record keeping.
  • Business Insurance will be required for $10/day of the festival.
  • Seattle Center will provide 15 parking permits for the days of the festival.

Agenda Item 2 – Festival Committee reports


  • A grant of $ 25K is submitted and will be used toward the festival performances
  • Festival performances proposals are required to secure the grant money
  • Bank Checking Account details are needed for Rita’s records

o   Alex to order checks to be used for the festival expenses

Performances & Activities

  • Fisher Pavilion – Souk Layout floor plan was reviewed by the attendees and some comments/concerns were made. Raja will share those comments with Rita for review.
  • The paid Saturday Evening Party ‘Hafleh’ was discussed for location determination.

o   The attendees checked the Armory Loft space for potential location of the Hafleh / Other activities.

o   Final decision should be made in the next couple of meetings

  • A few potential performances were shared and discussed with the attendees

o   Main performer for the Saturday event still undecided

  • Poetry Reading & Tales of Arab from the NW will be held (location undecided)
  • Kids Storytime (Kids activities location)

Agenda Item 3 – Open Forum


  • A round of introductions for all attendees and how they can/want to help

o   Jamal: will take care of Literature stuff (Poetry reading, Stories, etc…)

o   Zeid: Food Serving/Prepping

o   Abdul Ghani: Food Serving/Prepping & Hookah lounge

o   Fatimah: Performances Coordinator

o   Nabra: Performances and Stage Manager

o   Ziad: Marketing & Advertisement Committee

o   Hakeem: Marketing & Advertisement Committee & Kids Storytelling volunteer


  • Logo agreed upon is the latest provided by Oussama, we decided on just using the text (calligraphy) portion of the logo.


Marketing/Publishing Committee

  • “Save the Date” cards design approved by the attendees as provided by Oussama
  • Hakeem will take care of printing those cards after adding the Festival Logo to it


Previous meeting


Seattle Arab Festival-                                                                www.Seattlearabfestival.com

                                                                                       01/19/2019 4PM


  • Seattle Arab Festival Extended Board meeting #1. Meeting started at 4:18 pm by Raja and adjourned at 6:15 pm by Alex.
  • Present extended board members voted on holding the Extended Board meeting every first Sunday of the month (Feb 3rd, Mar 3rd, Apr 7th, May 5th, Jun 2nd, Jul 7th, Aug 4th) at 4 pm. The meeting will take place in Seattle Center Armory Loft – Room 301.

Meeting – location – Seattle Center Armory Loft – Room 301

Meeting – attendees – Raja, Alex, Rana, Nabil, Gus, Rita, Huda, Farah, Fery, & Saleh

Meeting – agenda

The following list of items were discussed in the meeting:

  • Introduction: Meet your peers
  • Festival committee reports:

o   Board

o   Finance

o   Performances

o   Exhibits

  • Other items – Open forum

Agenda Item 1 – Introduction: Meet your peers

  • Huda: wants to be in charge of booths
  • Rita: main goal of the festival is to be cultural & educational
  • Alex & Huda – To share lists of volunteers
  • Gus: will help with logistics (loading/unloading, transportation)
  • Saleh: will in charge of the Libyan Diwan tent at The Souk
  • Rana: Acting Secretary on behalf of Katya

Agenda Item 2 – Festival Committee reports


  • Steering Committee is composed by Raja, Rita, Alex, Katya, Farah, & Ali.
  • In Katya’s absence, Rana will be acting Secretary.
  • Rana will replace Farah on the board. (Farah is stepping back due to personal reasons and will remain part of the Finance committee).
  • Board members agreed that charter members must include new blood.
  • SAF is not a continuation of ACW therefore previous names on the board won’t be part of the new SAF organization (Voted & Approved)
  • Every SAF volunteer will need to confirm and approve – that no compensation will be offered in return of the services tendered. (present members voted & approved). (A copy of the ‘Conflict of Interest’ is attached – Everyone will need to acknowledge)



  • Festival sponsorships will use SAF (Seattle Arab Festival) bank account no.
  • Individual donations will need to use SCM (Salaam Cultural Museum) as Umbrella organization. SCM is already set for matching donations from most companies in the area. (Since SAF 501C3 filing is not complete, no gift matching program can be used)
  • Individual donation checks should be payable to SCM instead (Umbrella Organization)
  • Efforts started to reach out to individuals for donations
  • Committee members will reach out to individuals & businesses
  • Alex will update the sponsorship letters and send it



  • Festival High Level Program will include:

o   Friday, Aug 9th – Community Celebration

o   Saturday, Aug 10th – 1st day of festival – Big Concert @ 7 pm

o   Sunday, Aug 11th – 2nd day of festival – Community Activities

  • Seattle Center provided for the event:

o   Fisher Pavilion

o   Armory & Armory Loft

o   Common open areas

  • Fisher Pavilion will be transformed to a giant tented market “Souk” , filled with mazes and amazing finds to discover.

o   A Libyan “Diwan” will be featured in the middle of the ‘Souk’ – where Tea & Sweets will be offered.

o   “Souk” vendors will be represented free of charge after signing a contract. The contract bounds the vendors to only display and sell approved list of items, allow Rita & team to set up the booths (Dikkan), and be dressed in ethnic clothes.

o   “Souk” budget is $ 15K – already funded by Rita

o   “Souk” décor and floor plan is already under development

  • Other Performances suggested:

o   Musical bands (Raja) – Canadian Arabic Orchestra & Dalad Abu Amneh (Singer)

o   Violin Show (Gus) – George Hamad

o   Stand up comedians (Alex)

o   Arabic Hip Hop Singers (Alex)

o   Main performer for the Saturday event still in progress.


  • Arab artists will be displaying their artwork in the “Souk”, as well as the armory.


Agenda Item 3 – Open Forum


  • SAF committee members need to come up and decide on SAF slogan for this year



  • Current Logo with Space Needle in the center was rejected by Seattle Center
  • Color blind people friendly colors to be used
  • Calligraphy is suggested to replace the ‘Space Needle’ in the logo. (2 artists names were discussed: Zahira Diab or Maamoun


Marketing/Publishing Committee

  • Publishing Committee will be merged with Marketing Committee. (Voted & Approved by the board)
  • Committee members: Ossama, Rana, Alex, & Tamara



Previous Notes

2019 Seattle Arab Festival Board Meeting|Meeting # 1

Meeting date | time | Meeting location Location

12/05/2018         7PM       Rita Zawaideh Office

Meeting called by

Raja Attallah

Type of meeting

Festival Board Meeting


Raja Attallah

Note taker

Katya Allaw


Katya Allaw


Raja Attallah

Rita Zawaideh

Alex Hamdan

Ali Ossairan

Katya Allaw

Agenda topics

Following our official registration of the new organization with the secretary of state and obtaining a Federal tax ID number, the board of directors conducted their first meeting to address its administrative issues.

Meeting Minutes

  1. The organization charter and bylaws that were sent to the secretary of state were approved.
  2. The nominations of the following festival organizers to the board of directors as stated in the group bylaws were approved.

Festival Director – Raja Atallah              Treasurer – Alex Hamdan               Secretary – Katya Allaw

Food Committee coordinator position 1 – Ali Ossairan           Exhibition/Souk committee coordinator – Rita Zawaide

  1. The following committee coordinators who were not present at the meeting were nominated for the following board positions.

Children Activities – Laila Taja              Food position #2 – Ghassan Saade

Layout committee – Hanna Saed           Vendors – Huda Giddens

Fund raising – Farah Abdallah              Tales of Arab from pacific Northwest – Afifi Durr

Other positions are still open and are taken care by current board members.

  1. The board heard briefing from several festival committee reports and made the following recommendation comments:
  • Administrative: Approve opening bank account at Bank of America with the group name and with three board members. Two signatures will be required for all written checks.
  • Require auditing of the account on monthly basis starting in February 2019
  • Ask finance committee to plan and execute fundraising event
  • Board Festival meeting: Will be monthly meetings and opened to all organizers and volunteers. Location to be determined soon and meetings are recommended on Tuesday nights.
  • Board and committee meeting minutes will be posted at the festival website page.
  • Festival Layout: Board will arrange to meet at the Fisher pavilion to plan for the festival layout. Plans (pdf files) of the Fisher pavilion layout will be sent to organizers.
  • Arabic Souk featuring Arab cities was discussed in great details as and if implemented it will be a major activity and icon of the 2019 festival. Rita will be contacting many volunteers to discuss this project.
  • Opening night event: This event will focus on the festival organizers, volunteers and community supporters.
  • Saturday night party: The event will start after closing the free festival admission around 7 pm and we will be charging a reasonable fee while bringing a recognizable Arab singer and group. Few names were mentioned, and the bard requested more information on any group that will perform that night (with few appearances during the day) at the festival.
  1. Festal December Holiday party. Organizers were encouraged to attend next Tuesday meeting adjourn at 8 pm.